Sermons on “Worship”

2017 05 07 pm Ecclesiastes 5:1-7 Westminster Confession Ch. 22 A Warning Against Foolish Worship

The Third Commandment is very concerned with truth, and especially with vows and oaths. This has implications for worship, as we see in this passage.

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2017 04 23 pm Judges 17 Westminster Confession 21.1b, 3-6 I Did it My Way (is the Wrong Way)

The 2nd Commandment warns us against all wrong worship of God. Judges 17 gives us a lesson right worship from an example of wrong worship.

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2015 12 20pm LD 35 Ex.20:4-6 Worship, By the Book – Part 1

Have you hear of Messy-Church? It is a recent form of seeker-sensitive services designed to create an ‘alternative congregation.’ But is this idea in accord with what the Bible teaches about worship?

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