Sermons on “Perseverance”

2017 02 19 pm 1 Cor 1:4-9 Westminster Confession Ch.s 17-18 A Powerful Preservation Promise

Can we be sure that we will go to heaven? There is a powerful promise in these verses but the context is very important.

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2015 03 22 pm 1 John 2:3-39 Lord’s Day 12 – Communion With Jesus Christ

John writes to believers who were having their faith in Jesus Christ challenged. He reveals 3 tests that help us know that we are God’s children. The sum of all this enriches our communion with Jesus who is the Christ.

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2015 03 15 am Rev. David Waldron 1 Tim 6:11-16 – Can You See Christ Calling?

Paul encourages Timothy to persevere as a servant of Christ and points him to Christ as his strength and motivation.

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