Sermons on “Marriage / Divorce”

2017 06 18 am Song of Solomon 2:8-3:5 Westminster Confession Ch. 24 Brides and Grooms

Sometimes sexual intimacy and marriage are treated as a list of rules and boundaries. But the Bible has a much grander view of this topic that is a needed antidote to the world’s views and practices.

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2016 03 06pm Hebrews 13:4 Lord’s Day 41 Marriage as New Testament Sacrifice

As New Testament believers, we are still to offer sacrifices to God. This includes the way we think about and behave in relation to sex and marriage.

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2015 03 29 am Mark 10:1-12 Marriage, Elevated

I can’t stand him anymore. She makes me so unhappy. May I divorce him/her? What is God’s design for marriage? What weighty accusations must us men hear from the Lord Jesus? Jesus speaks about marriage and divorce.

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