Sermons on “Advent”

2016 Christmas PM Luke 2:25-35 Westminster Confession Ch. 8 Art’s 5,6,8 Taking Hold of the Saviour

There some beautiful salvation lessons as Simeon holds the baby Jesus. We cannot hold Him in our arms, but have we taken hold of Him by faith?

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2016 Christmas Morning Matthew 1:18-25 Living Between Two Advents

Many were not ready for the First coming of Jesus because they did not know it would happen or they did not understand what the Old Testament said about it. What about you and His Second Coming?

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2016 12 18 am Hebrews 1:1-5; 2:9 Westminster Confession Ch. 8 Art’s 2,3,7 The Son of God and Son of Man

The truths about the Jesus that are set before us in the Bible force us to answer this question: Who is Jesus?

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